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Gas Suppression Systems

Gas Suppression Systems

Ideal for protecting areas where water can present a hazard or damage equipment, gas extinguishing systems are excellent at providing localised fire protection.

Automatically extinguishing a fire without the need for intervention, gas extinguishing systems are suitable for clean air environments such as server rooms, data centres and telecommunication buildings.

Depending on your specification and requirements, our team can help you select the right extinguishing agent for your application including inert and clean chemical gases:

  • IG-55
  • IG-541
  • Novec-1230
  • FM200
  • CO₂

A central extinguishant control panel monitors the protected environment, and is linked to a dedicated detection release system. Extinguishant discharge is activated through smoke detectors which are located within the protected area, ceiling and floor voids if necessary.

Early warning of a fire can also be achieved by installing a HSSD (High Sensitivity Smoke Detection)  Aspirating systems through Ultra Surefire. Potential fires can then be investigated early to prevent unnecessary gas discharge.

To complement your building fire strategy, gas extinguishing systems can be fully integrated with your building fire detection system cause and effect model.

Ultra Surefire is fully accredited to design, install and maintain all Gas Suppression and Detection Release Systems.

Integrity Testing

Once a gas extinguishing system has been installed and tested, a room integrity test (RIT) should be completed to ensure that the calculated amount of gas does not escape from the protected area for the design duration. Ultra Surefire provide the testing service as part of our project offer or as a stand-alone service item on an annual basis.

10 Year Hydrostatic Test

All compressed gas cylinders must be hydrostatically tested every 10 years in accordance with BS EN 1968: 2002. Our team can programme a swift gas cylinder exchange so that your fire cover is not affected.

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